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The Glorney Gilbert International
This is a team event that has been running continuously since 1949. It has a long and varied history and is currently run as four competitions
  Glorney Cup Under 18's 5 boards   Robinson Cup Under 14's 6 boards
  Gilbert Cup Girls under 18 3 boards   Stokes Cup Under 12's 6 boards

The Glorney
Bloodworth Trust

Ken Bloodworth

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Participating Nations


The Original Glorney Cup Trophy
Host Nation: Scotland
Chess Scotland are delighted to host the Glorney Gilbert International 2018.

  Sunday 15th July Arrival  
  Monday 16th to Wednesday 18th July Rounds 1 to 5  
Thursday 19th July Departure  
  Venue University of West Scotland - Paisley  

Trophy Winners 2018
  Glorney   France  
  Gilbert   Nederland  
  Robinson   Nederland  
  Stokes   Nederland  

News: 21 July 2018
Alink to this year's Tournament Report by the Irish Delegation to GGI 2018 is  here. Desmond Beatty

News: 2 April 2018
Previous players from 1970, 1972, 1975, 1999, 2002 and 2003 have been added to the website, Thanks to Desmond Beatty for colating the information.  David Clayton

News: 7 March 2018
The website has now switched over to publicising the 2018 event that will be held in Scotland. Click here to view the 2017 event.  David Clayton

Some Historic Information from Ian Eustis
1964 was the first six nation Glorney (almost certainly the home nations plus France & Netherlands). 1968 was the first eight nation Glorney. I think that Scotland, in 1974, was the first Celtic country to host six nations and it remained at six for all the following years. An eight year cycle was initiated in 1991. It ran as agreed until 1998. There appears to have been six nations in 1990. Belgium were present, but France were not.

A second cycle ran for seven years from 1999 to 2008 in which Netherlands did not host. In 2006 a new financial regime was instituted, but only three Nations, England, Ireland and Wales participated. Thereafter, it has remained as a competition between the four home nations.

In 2007 the Robinson and Stoke cup competitions were added to the Glorney and Gilbert-Faber. The first Faber competition was held in 1968. Initially they were held at the British Championships. The Faber was staged alongside the Glornay for the first time in 1976 and by 1979 it appears to have been the regular practice.

The first Glorney competition that I was involved in was 1975 in Carmarthen. I was elected as secretary, in sucession to Ken Bloodworth, in 1991 and I have been to every Glorney tournament since, although my memory of most of them, especially the players, somewhat hazy.

Ian Eustis
January 2016 

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