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Glorney Cup 2012 by Shane Lee


Report from Daventry Court Hotel, Northamptonshire - 2012


This report includes comments on the Gilbert (U18 girls), Robinson (U14) and Stokes (U12) Cups. The event was held at Daventry Court Hotel which is one of Puma Hotels and the venue for some of the 4NCL events. The venue was definitely hailed as the best in 20 years and if we have to go back to student accommodation it will be Playing conditions were spacious and quiet, rooms were very comfortable and the food was good and at sensible prices. Unfortunately England is the only country with more than three of this chain and where they are only in the main cities they tend to be considerably more expensive. However, we can but hope for the future!

Now to the chess: This year the competition proved much closer with England certainly not having everything there own way although at the end of day two they were leading in three of the four tournaments. In the Glorney the first round saw 3-2 wins for England and Scotland but in round two England defeated Scotland 4-1 whilst Ireland accounted for Wales 3½-1½. On the second day Wales defeated Scotland 3½-1½ whilst England got a whitewash against Ireland. The second day saw the first of the reverse games with Scotland and Wales doing better but going down 3-2 to England and Ireland respectively. This left England on 15 points, Wales on 9, Ireland 8½ and Scotland 7½. In the Gilbert we have had a lot of draws with 13\24 games ending even. Again things are fairly tight with England leading on 8, Scotland on 6½, Ireland on 5 and Wales on 4½.

The Robinson Cup is even closer. On day one Wales defeated England 4½-1½ and Ireland 4-2 but did not keep this pace up drawing with Scotland and losing 2-4 to Ireland. Scotland meanwhile lost 2½-3½ to England in their first meeting but gained revenge by the same margin in the return. They also won 5-1 against Ireland whilst England beat Ireland 3½-2½. This left Scotland leading narrowly with 14 points from Wales 13½, England on 11 and Ireland on 9½. The Stokes Cup is looking like an English victory although their total of 16½ is only 5 ahead of Ireland with Scotland a further point behind and Wales on 9½. Again almost all the games have been close with England´s 5-1 win in round 4 pushing them well ahead.

To date the tournament has been played in a friendly, sporting manner and we look forward to some exciting chess in the final two rounds.

We started the last day at 0900 to facilitate departures and the morning proved decisive in two tournaments but left the other two open. In the Glorney a 3½ - 1½ win for England over Wales gave England an unassailable lead although only one point separates the other three countries so there is still a lot to play for. The Gilbert saw 4\6 games and both matches drawn leaving England still 1½ points ahead. In the Robinson Scotland and Ireland drew whilst Wales lost 2½ - 3½ to England and entered the final round 1 point behind Scotland but with the better tie break. Finally England built up an unassailable lead in the Stokes beating Wales 4½ - 1½ whilst Scotland beat Ireland 3½ - 2½ leaving both countries tied on 14 points.

The first section to be completed was the Stokes where England saw off Ireland leaving Scotland, who had beaten Wales 4-2 in second place. The final tally was England 27, Scotland 18, Ireland 14 and Wales 13. The Robinson which all through had been the most exciting, went down to the last game with Scotland needing a win to clinch the title. England came third after drawing with Ireland. The final game finished 20 minutes from time with Rhys Bennett holding his nerve to clinch a 4-2 victory for Wales and with it the Robinson Cup: The final scores being Wales 20 points, Scotland 19, England 17½ and Ireland 15½. This is the first time Wales have ever won any section in this competition! The Gilbert also went down to the wire but a draw against Ireland ensured a win for England with 11 points followed by Scotland 10 pts, Ireland on 8pts and Wales 7pts. England had secured the Glorney with a round to go but the battle for second place went down to the last minute. England defeated Ireland 3½ - 1½ whilst James Thomas won a mad time scramble to gain a 3-2 win for Wales and second place. The final scores being England 22, Wales 13½, Scotland 13 and Ireland 11½ thus ending an excellent tournament with good chess and good sportsmanship throughout. After the prize giving we all departed for our various homes with many meeting in the North East the following week.

Peter Purland

Below are daily reports issued earlier as dated
  Friday July 22nd (ii) - from Peter Purland
Early wins confirm that England win the Stokes and Robinson Cups! Glorney was won before the start of the round.


  Friday 22nd July (i) - from Peter Purland
Unlike some years there was nothing settled going in to the final day - something that can only be good for the competition. England was in the lead in Glorney, Robinson and Stokes whilst Scotland led the Faber. To avoid the two Irish teams meeting in the final round the draw for the Faber paired Scotland v England and the two Irish teams whilst the other three tournaments saw Wales v England and Ireland v Scotland. The first tournament to finish was the Robinson where Ireland completely reversed the previous score winning 4½; - 1½;. This put Ireland 2 points ahead of Scotland in second place but as England inflicted a 5½; - ½; defeat on Wales this left England only needing a single point in the afternoon to win the tournament. In the Stokes Cup too, Ireland reversed a heavy round one defeat record a 4-2 victory whilst England, as in the Robinson Cup, won 5½; - ½;. This gave England a 6 point lead over Scotland who, in turn, are 5½; points ahead of Ireland. In the Glorney, too, Ireland turned a first round draw in to a 4-1 victory (what did they feed them on last night?) which left England, who beat Wales 4½; - ½; with an unassailable 7 point lead over Ireland and Scotland who were tied on 13 points. The Faber proved the most interesting event with both games being drawn although this was sufficient for Scotland to guarantee first place leaving Ireland with a one point advantage over England in the battle for second.


  Thursday 21st July - from Peter Purland
Thursday morning saw the final round of the first leg of matches with England playing Scotland and Ireland playing Wales. Both matches were close with some good long games (and one or two good short ones!) and in the Ireland v Wales game Ireland took the Stokes game 3½; - 2½; and the Glorney 4-1 whilst the Robinson was a 3-3 draw.

In the Gilbert Ireland A won 2½; - ½;. Four games in the other match went the full 4 hours with Scotland winning the Faber 2½; - ½; and England winning the Glorney 3-2, Robinson 3½; - 2½; and Stokes 4½; - 1½;. This left England winning the Stokes by 2½; points from Scotland, the Robinson really close with England on 10½;, Ireland 9, Scotland 8½; and Wales 8. In the Faber Scotland are forging ahead of Ireland, whilst in the Glorney England have a three point lead over Scotland with Ireland half a point behind.

The afternoon pairings were England v Ireland and Scotland v Wales. The first match result of the afternoon was a   3-3 draw between Wales and Scotland in the Robinson followed by a 5½;-½; win for England in the Stokes. However Scotland kept the pressure up on England in this tournament defeating Wales by the same score to remain 2½; points behind England. In the Faber Scotland beat Ireland B 3-0 whilst England reversed the score against Ireland A winning 2-1. This leaves Scotland 3½; points ahead of Ireland with England a further point behind.

The England v Ireland match in the Robinson then finished with England reversing Wednesday's result winning 4½;-1½; and opening up a 3½; point lead at the top with the other three countries all within a point of each other. The Glorney was, inevitably, the last to finish with Scotland defeating Wales 3½;-1½; whilst all five of the Ireland v England games went on well into the final hour.